UN have no power of action, but pretend that it have .
UN supporters says it’s purely intergovernmental organization. New time of open networks, situation appear clear in one click.
State, government, domestic and international law – that was made for the sake of the citizens, and must protect them and their rights..
UN suppose to be related to international law, and they claim to set up “common standard” of human rights.
But, in fact, they completely forgot about the “Universal Declaration of Human Rights” and about the priority of this statutory document.
Simple common sense can tell, that if no UDHR is the main law, that nothing else can be the same important.
Most of us, for all our lives, never meet any person, who get help from UN.

The UN supporters mentioned UN Charter when trying to find the reasons “why do we need in UN existence”, but never can explain who is this “we”
and what can be wrong if we have no UN at all…Some “professionals in international law” never mention “UDHR” as basic principal of all laws.
-UN keep peace ! (ridiculous affirmation)
Reason, shown to us, for preserve UN from eliminate.

UN imitate activities on Human Rights. For this sake, they make a statements on something. Soap opera for mass media.
Those, who need a protection of UN,refuges in Ukraine for example- they never get help, without written refuse,
because UN doesn’t want to give proof on court against himself.

Evil role of UN is obvious from UN support of destructive agenda of prevent world from technologies and industry development,
veto on hydrogen energy development (under the cover of prevent hydrogen bomb )- its all done by request of retrograde financial groups,
that kind of conspiracy theories is very common now in USA.
UN accuse US government for support weed legalization.
Decisions around climate change, support “advantages of globalization” make the US and other countries free from heavy industry –
in benefits of PRC communist party. PRC KP secretary must be the very grateful for UN .

There is no organization that oversees UN and it led to corruption and decorativeness.
Citizens too, they can not find anything of how UN works.
We are the people, and we have rights to control public institutions. We believe that it is necessary to make a revision and a reform of the UN in all the countries.
US people has the right to appeal to the House of Representatives in order to exclude from the state budget financing of the United Nations.