Manual of NIL on action setup

Faced with a veil of secrecy that surrounds the formation of the United Nations, we conclude that this organization’s representatives should be elected.

In this case, it will be easy to track who and how was authorized to represent his/her country or territory in international advisory and decision-making structures. Currently, there is a movement, which includes organizations from 220 countries that are trying to hold elections in the UN. The methods, which they are going to utilize are not truly democratic, as, for example, at this moment none of the common folk are notified of their intentions, and there are no visible attempts to do it via the media or online. (Https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_Nations_Parliame ..)

In contrast to the formal-bureaucratic methods, we propose to carry out the elections in a genuinely popular way, serving the interests of the majority.

We, the initiative group, reach out to those who speak different languages ​​and live in different countries, who want to be the first in the history of the Earth’s honest and open world government, who want to participate in our project of international diplomacy and power mechanism. The power, that will protect the rights of ordinary people and help free themselves.

We will announce: “Do you want to be an authorized representative of the United Nations of your subject, country, city, nation, or other group? We will show you how to do it!”

Then we will define the subjects of the “New International Law”, choose the participants of the self-government and self-organization conference (without regard to the “sovereign government” countries), and hold the elections, where a certain number of UN representatives of each subject will be identified.

In the notification procedure we will show to the world who the Representatives are, and by using digital signatures and fingerprint authentication they will begin to act as representatives of the United Nations from their country or region, and make decisions that will be executed by the authority power supported by the millions.

The current UN raises questions- “Who is there? Who are these people? Who appointed them and what do they do?” The UN will be relegated to a subsidiary role – to a body that is delegating its authority.

New plenipotentiaries, selected by open ballot, will identify UN’s goals and methods.

At this moment, no government official can take personal responsibility for the appointment of representatives to the UN, because no one is empowered to do so. The legitimacy of the current United Nations is close to zero.

In the first elections to the UN, we plan to invite participants from Hong Kong, Scotland, Northern Ireland and the Russian Far East, Catalonia, Lombardy and other areas that have problems with separation from the central government.

The focus will be on the territories, that have problems with self-government, that are defending their way of life and their own economics- Uygur Autonomous Region, Macao, States of India, etc.

Of equal value is the task to help stateless individuals to obtain UN passports. Currently, only state nationals are entitled to vote in their countries. If a person doesn’t have citizenship – he/she does not participate in any decision-making, does not vote. Moreover, such individuals are often deprived of basic rights in the countries they are in, for example, the right to work, to have a driver’s license. It is URGENT to begin issuing UN passports to those who meet all standards of conscious behavior as per the norms and upholding of the UNIVERSAL DECLARATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS, which is bound by all legislative logic spectrum to be the Main Law for all States. Unfortunately, it is not so right from its first article (The Equality of All Before the Law). It might as well be the right time to review the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, as there are no present opportunities for it’s practical implementation. THE LAW, WHICH IS WRITTEN ONLY ON PAPER, BUT THAT IS NOT APPLIED, UNDERMINES THE CREDIBILITY AND REASON OF THE EXECUTIVE BRANCH.

UN could’ve been an instrument to prevent wars and violence. It could’ve – but it has not. It hasn’t because of lack of its efficiency. Why did it happen? Has UN not been deliberately turned into a cover for shadow merchant political business? Of course, “Masters of the world” need such a cover. They need to show people, that they have a “defender”. However, you cannot fool the whole world for an infinitely long time, and people have begun to realize this.

The issue of the formation of the United Nations remains a mystery to the most people in the world. First of all, no one can say for sure whether UN serves as a platform for a dialogue at the government level, or it is intended to protect the rights and interests of a particular person, every person, a resident of a UN member state, who is not a government official of these countries. Stateless individuals are especially vulnerable and unprotected in the modern world.

In the format of voting on global issues every person should have one, equivalent to others, voice – but is it possible to achieve this in practice? People are born equal according to the first article of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, but people become equal, only once they realize their rights.

We often hear the replica on the State Sovereignty of rogue states and violators of human rights. Supra-national structure can control, where this “sovereignty” ends and a direct and active struggle for human rights begins.

We think in terms of what others would call “Global State”; we believe it is right to call it a “Common Legal Framework”.

What is the definition of the State? Many would say that the State is the direct ability of forced coercion in the event of failure to voluntarily comply with the laws of that State. Common Legal Framework is the united good will of millions of people around the world. If you go to the website of the United Nations, it clearly states that the Declaration of Human Rights is binding. Here’s an abstract of the text:

“…Some instruments entitled “declarations” were not originally intended to have binding force, but their provisions may have reflected customary international law or may have gained binding character as customary law at a later stage. Such was the case with the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights…”

In clear text it says, that the rules of this declaration became binding, so why is it that no one complies?

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